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MSI: Episode 3 Pt. 3-- Tribal Council


            They had been back at their camp for a few minutes. Silence had them when they teleported back. They walked toward their shelter. No one knew what to say. So no one spoke. They sat in the shelter or stood near it. Some drank water. Others nibbled on some leftover dino meat. Nightcrawler tossed the rotten fruit out into the ocean and gathered more.

            “I can’t get over how good this fruit is, ja?” Nightcrawler took another bite of a peach.

            Wiccan agreed. “I can’t believe they all grow on the same tree.”

            “That Universe Remote is remarkable.” Beast peeled a banana. “And infused.”

            The ground vibrated. Everyone turned toward the reason. Thing lifted his foot to stomp again.

            “Ben, you have our attention.” Invisible Woman said with calmness and her hands creating invisible forces to keep him from stomping another time.

            Thing stared at the members of the tribe that were in the challenge. “I screamed at you t’tell all you that you were losin’!” His thick rocky index finger pointed in an arch at all of them.

            Wolverine walked toward him. “Bub, you know this isn’t—”

            Thing swept him away. “Let meh’finish.”

            “Do I even have to mention how unhelpful that is?” Jean Grey moved around the shelter to stand between Thing and the dinner.

            “I’m a rock. I know how t’be grounded.” He grunted trying to lift his foot. “Suzzie, come on. You gotta understand.”

            Invisible Woman shook her head, her blond hair swishing uncontrolled. Her eyes closed and right arm extended. “You’re disturbing the shelter.”

            Captain America’s eyes widen. He examined it and his eyes reverted to normal.

            Beast lifted his closed hand near Thing’s face. “You need some fruit. Cleanse that attitude.” He opened his hand revealing the contents. “Berries help.”

            “What I need is for you to get outta my face!” Thing roared. Beast dropped the berries and back-flipped away.

            Invisible Woman said, “Ben—”

            “Shut up, Suzie, I don’t need a mama.” Thing turned his back on her. He tried to move, but ran into an invisible force. “What?”

            Invisible Woman lifted him into the air. “Go find a dinosaur to clobber. Relax some of that tension.” She catapulted him into the trees.

            Thing flew into the air screaming his frustration.

            “I’ll keep an eye on him.” Wolverine followed.

THING (Rocky orange the gold shorts made him look like he was some sort of Egyptian Pharaoh. His thick brow lowered over his eyes. He huffed and puffed. He paced back and forth in a section of the beach.): I can’t sit or stand. I don’t wanna. They lost when they sat me on the bench. I think that’s proof enough they don’t know what they’re doing. I can’t just do nothin’. I gotta do somethin’. I’d have knocked that Power Ball into our goal ova’ and ova’ again. (He punched the air several times.) Should’ve connected with the skin afflicted. I got orange. Beast and Nightcrawler got blue. (He stopped pacing and stared at the camera.) They’ve gotta be separated.

            Storm touched Invisible Woman on the shoulder. “You can’t think he’s worth saving.”

            “He’s family.” Invisible Woman lowered her shoulders with a sigh.

            Captain America walked around the shelter, brushing his finger over certain areas. “His attitude is causing a lot of tension in the tribe.”

            “I won’t.” She turned invisible and they saw her footprints move her toward the ocean.

            Everyone else looked at one another and silently nodded in agreement on Thing.

WICCAN (Orange board shorts, no shirt, sitting in the sand with back to the setting sun. His hair combed over to the side. A beard formed on his face in certain areas. He touched it.) This isn’t very manly. It’s sporadic at best. (He shrugged.) Anyway, I’m thinking that maybe I convince Nightcrawler to give Thing the Hidden Immunity Idol. Mess up what’s going on in this tribe and that might put me and him in a better position. Keeping Thing keeps our strongest player and gets rid of another person…as long as it’s not someone I like, of course. I’ll have to do some recon.

            Thing dragged a raptor back into camp. Wolverine ran into the ocean to clean off the blood he was coated in. No one spoke to Thing. He didn’t say a word. He started tearing limbs off the dinosaur without straining or grunting. Blood sprayed in every direction. He was considerate enough to move away from the shelter and anyone else that was at camp. No one spoke to him, either.

            Storm whispered and wiggled her fingers into the air and rain came down, clearing off the raptor and the sand of blood. Jean Grey lifted a few pieces Thing tore and levitated them over the fire.

            Thing smiled. “I feel better.”

            “Good,” Captain America said.

            Wiccan found Invisible Woman in the trees near the watering hole, outside the shield. “You think you should move back within the shield?”

            “Oh.” She complied. “It doesn’t make a sound when you move past it.”

            Wiccan shook his head. “It just changes color.” He stuck his hand through and pulled it back. The area where the shield was shifted from normal to a bright blue.

            “Didn’t notice that.”

            He nodded. “Not everyone agrees with keeping him, you know?”

            She smiled. “I do.”

            Wiccan ushered her to walk with him and he walked away from the watering hole and more toward camp, but at an angle so to give more time to talk. “Who are you thinking?”

            Invisible Woman stared at him as if she was calculating who was with who. “Beast.”

            Wiccan stopped walking. “Possible. You have?”

            She counted off using her fingers. “Thing and Wolverine and me.”

            “You’d just need two more. A majority.” Wiccan scratched the back of his neck.

            “You and who?”

            “I’ll get back with you.”

            Noise of Jean and Storm walking through the trees caught their attention. Invisible Woman turned invisible.

            Wiccan whispered, “I’ll get back with you right before tribal.” He went and found Nightcrawler eating part of the raptor. They offered him some and he took a bit, but ate mostly the fruit.

            Wiccan chanted under his breath, “Conversation distortion do not allow a word. Allow them to hear the absurd.” He invited Nightcrawler to sit near him at the fire. “Do not worry, they cannot hear us as we speak. We have a few minutes before it fades.”

            “Was?” Nightcrawler moved his tail to the side and sat on the log. His three toe feet gripped the branch of the log that dug halfway into the sand.

            “They won’t understand our conversation.” Wiccan pointed to everyone around the camp.

            Beast said, “It is a little colder than last night.” He looked at them. “We could ask Storm if she’s up to fixing that a tad.” He went back to helping Captain America with the shelter fixing.

            “Captain is obsessed over that shelter.” Wiccan pointed out.

            Nightcrawler nodded.

            Wiccan explained his plan to help Thing by giving him the Hidden Immunity Idol and that Invisible Woman wanted to vote out Beast. If they give him the Hidden Immunity Idol it would look like he found it, instead of them voting along with Invisible Woman. This would make them a bigger target.

            “Ist a gut idea from a point.” Nightcrawler sighed. “What if we need it later?”

            “No one knows about this.” He pointed from him to Nightcrawler. “They question, but they’re unsure. I hear their words from time to time.”

            “What would be the benefit of doing it?”

            Wiccan combed his hand through his hair. “They’d remain interested in an orange rock instead of a blue praying hero.”

            Nightcrawler smiled revealing sharp teeth and one reason why so many thought he was a demon.


            “I do love an upset.” Deadpool rubbed his hands together.


            “He’s an annoyance, not an upset. And he’s still outside. Apparently my low standards of thinking are contagious.”

            Thing or Beast.

            “This game is sure full of euphemisms.”


            “Congratulations Tippy Toe to your first Tribal Council.” Squirrel Girl out stretched her arms as if she was about to hug them all. “Please, take the torches behind you and get some fire out this wonderful pit.”

            Invisible Woman said, “Sit. Allow me.” She used her invisible force to cup a few embers and released them into each of their torches. They all flickered to life.

            Everyone whispered thank you.

            “Runs in the family.” Squirrel Girl sat down. “Let’s get down to the fact you lost. How does that make you feel?”

            Thing punched a fist into the palm of his hand and growled.

            Squirrel Girl smiled. “Now let’s use our words.”

            “It sucks!”

            She clapped her hands. “That’s a good word. It conveys so much frustration.”

            “Not as much as Thing’s temper tantrum.” Captain America said as if he was delivering a matter-of-fact comment.

            “Oh,” Squirrel Girl put her hands on her knees. “Do tell?”

            Thing gritted his teeth and glared at Captain America. “There’s nothing to te—”

            “On the contrary,” Beast raised a finger, “we cannot have fun with a rock weighting us down.”

            Thing jerked his head around to stare at Beast. “Oh, blue boy. Stand up and say that to ma’face.”

            “Remember, remember no violence in Tribal Council,” Squirrel Girl said.

            Invisible Woman said as soft as she could, “Ben, calm down. It’s okay.”

            “They’re all ganging up against me. All these friends telling me I’m just nothin’.” Thing folded his arms.

            Squirrel Girl said, “It seems there is a disagreement over whether Thing is worth keeping. Ladies, do you have any opinions on the matter?”

            Storm shook her head. Jean Grey didn’t open her mouth.


            “He’s a big guy. He needs a lot of room for his heart and he felt underappreciated at the challenge.” Wolverine put his hand on Thing’s rocky shoulder. “Huh, bub?”

            Thing nodded. “I just wanna help. Get us to be the best.”

            “Before a blooming relationship happens, I think we should vote.” Squirrel Girl pointed her clawed finger at Invisible Woman. “Woman first.”

            Invisible Woman stood, walked over to the bridge, held the rail and crossed it. She read the rules to voting, took a sheet of paper and wrote down a name. Held it up, it said Beast. She folded it and put it in the urn.

            Jean Grey stared at the sheet of paper and used her telekinetic powers to move the pen to write. She didn’t speak to the camera. She did smile.

            Storm wrote down a name, showed the camera and said something.

            “I don’t mind thunder some of the time.”

            Captain America saluted the camera and put his vote in the urn.

            Beast shrugged and put his vote in the urn.

            Wolverine itched his chin, wrote a name on the sheet of paper and spoke to the camera.

            “I need a cigar. Yesterday. Voting off friends isn’t what I signed up for.” He paused. “Right, I didn’t sign up.”

            He held up the name he voted for.

            “Sorry, bub.”

            Wiccan stared at the camera and then at the sheet of paper he wrote the name on. He lifted the paper and smiled. He placed the vote into the urn.

            Nightcrawler placed his vote into the urn and teleported back to his seat. Everyone waved a hand in their face. He whispered, “Verzeihung.”

            “I’ll go and tally the votes.” Squirrel Girl skipped over the urn and within a few minutes skipped back with it. “Once I read off the votes it’ll be final and that person is just gonna have to leave the game. It’s sad, it is, but it’s the rules.” She looked up at everyone. “I’m forgetting something…oh right, if you have a Hidden Immunity Idol, now would be a great time to play it.”

            Nightcrawler and Wiccan looked at Thing for a second and then looked back at Squirrel Girl.

            “Okay.” She opened the urn and pulled out the first vote.


            Beast’s mouth dropped enough that he felt it. He closed it and tried to compose himself.


            He looked around at everyone. Wiccan shrugged.


            He looked toward Jean Grey. She kept looking forward. He reached down to grab his stuff. Thing grinned.


            Thing dropped his grin.


            Beast released his grip on his stuff.


            Thing showed his teeth.


            Beast relaxed.


            He almost slipped off his log stool.

            Squirrel Girl grinned like she knew a secret that they all wanted to know. And she did. She held the final vote. “And the third person voted out of this game and the first from Tippy Toe is…” She made is sound like it was going to last forever. She made it sound like she was a snake circling prey. “Thing.”

            Beast released the breath he held. Thing jumped up, shaking the entire structure.

            “Bring me your torch.” Squirrel Girl didn’t let the vibration shatter her hosting duties.

            Thing snatched the torch and sent the flame inside in a spin. It calmed and settled. He placed it in front of Squirrel Girl. “Here, rodent.”

            “Yes, that’s an attitude made of sparkles and diamonds.” She snuffed his flame. “The tribe, and your friends, have spoken.” Before he could retort, he teleported to the Entertainment Center. She smiled and looked at the rest of Tippy Toe. “It appears, by your shocked faces, that one of you lied to their tribe. Who oh who was it?” She pressed the button on the Universe Remote. “Bye, bye.”

            They teleported back to their beach.

Tippy Toe Votes – Third Tribal Council

Invisible Woman – Beast

Captain America – Thing

Wolverine – Beast

Beast – Thing

Wiccan – Thing

Nightcrawler – Thing

Jean Grey – Beast

Thing – Beast

Storm – Thing

MSI: Episode 3 Pt. 2 -- Immunity Challenge


            “Welcome pawns to a game that’s much bigger than you.”  Squirrel Girl grinned wider than normal. “I had to deal with a rather needy masked individual that apparently needed a squirrel proctologist to check out why he’s having a dissention issue.”

            Mr. Fantastic leaned over to Spider-Man and whispered, “Should I correct her?”

            Spider-Man held up his gloved hand. “No. Squirrely humor. She might make it a possible choice with you.”

            Mr. Fantastic returned to paying attention.

            “His healing factor doesn’t compensate for his high levels of wuss?” Human Torch asked.

            Squirrel Girl shook her head. “Enough about he who I will not mention again. Let’s begin the game, shall we?” She lifted the Universe Remote and hit a button. Forge appeared next to her. “Welcome Tinker-er. Care to explain to the remaining…”

            “Wait.” She sighed. “I forgot. Everyone,” she pointed at Monkey Joe, “as you can see Vision was voted off at the last Tribal Council. I failed to do my job the last time. But last time it was….” She closed her eyes. “Like cancer he is.”

            Captain America said, “That is a mistake to vote off Vision.”

            Human Torch rolled his eyes. “That wasn’t—”

            Gambit elbowed him. “No, no. We don’t share business with the enemy.”

            Squirrel Girl clasped her hands. “Right. Anyway, Forge, continue.”

            “I didn’t even—”

            “Go on, we don’t have all day.”

            Forge stepped forward off their matt. “Today,” he clapped his hands in excitement. “Sorry. It’s so much fun doing this.”

            The X-Men on each tribe were having a hard time accepting Forge in such a teenager manner. He was so giddy. Jean Grey, Emma Frost and Psylocke connected all the minds of the X-Men on each tribe. Without crossing any lines of stealing information, they each gave their concern on him. Beast suggested that it was possible he wasn’t their Forge. That he came from another dimension. A younger one. Forge was wearing full suit. Blue and Gold. No mechanical anything showing. His face seemed far more youthful than normal. Beast also mentioned that this conversation would probably be forgotten based on how things were going with them trying to figure anything out about the game. Wolverine said his memory of what happened prior to the game didn’t enter his mind. It was blocked off. Jean cutoff the mental link, they were gone too long.

            “Everyone understand?” Forge asked.

            Iceman decided he’d be the one to get him to explain it again. “No.”

            “Thaw that brain.” Squirrel Girl moved forward. “Basically you have a ball that’s special and will know each player’s ability. It will start in the middle. All three tribes will play at the same time. All three tribes have their own goal. Each power or ability hitting the ball will make it go toward that tribe’s goal. The more times it’s hit, the faster it’ll go. First tribe to five, wins.”

            “Wins what?” Iceman asked.

            “Pizza party for the whole tribe.” Squirrel Girl jumped up and down and clapped her hands. Her tail swayed behind her. She even released a little squirrel clicking noise.

            “For one night, that is practical.” Mr. Fantastic stood in front of his tribe. “But we need more than just food. It would be sufficient if we won things that would be useful in this environment for us.”

            “Like an air-conditioner.” Spider-Man waved both gloved hands at his face.

            “No. Something like bedding or a tarp?”

            “I’m glad you mentioned that,” Squirrel Girl said. “Next immunity the tribes will mention what it is that they would like. And if they win, they’ll win their choice.”

            Mr. Fantastic slightly bowed and stepped back with his tribe.

            Beast held up his index finger and lifted his head. “How will the ball know who hit it?”

            Forge said, “DNA. It’ll take your DNA as did the other inventions.”

            “Does anyone else find this troubling that Mojo is collecting our DNA?” Beast turned around facing the three tribes.

            “What does it matter?” Iceman said. “Mojo has our DNA already. He made the X-Babies because he had our DNA.”

            “That would be the same for the A-Babies as well.” Scarlet Witch nodded.

            “I miss Deadpool. I thought I’d relish the idea of him gone, but maybe, maybe, maybe…” Domino looked up to the sky thinking. “…nah, I’m relishing it. Though that doesn’t mean I can’t miss the litl’ fella. Oh, DNA? I don’t care. I can shoot anything I like. And if it’s still alive. I’ll just shoot it again. Or better.”

            Forge held up both his hands showing that he wanted to speak and that he lost a tiny bit of his excitement. “Trust me. Things will be fine. It’s just a game.”

            “And,” Squirrel Girl held up the Universe Remote and her eyes seemed less cheerful and silly and more serious and dead, “as in all games there are rules. Descent, though okay in America, is not okay in Mojoverse. Now he’s tolerated much of your whining for many sections of this game. He’s not going to hold out and have much patience for you little sniveling heroes much longer and is going to show you that he’s serious. An A or X-Baby will appear and he’ll let you say hi. See how he or she is doing. Then BOOM. Dead.”   

            “Are you okay?” Emma asked. “I don’t sense you are.”

            “Get out of my head.” Squirrel Girl spit through gritted teeth.

            Iron Man pointed at the remote. “Let Forge hold that remote for a sec.” Thinking he change it up. “Or, put it in one of your pockets. Let it rest.”

            Squirrel Girl displayed the remote. Her hand gripped it. She appeared to be trying. “I am trying.” She breathed through her nose. Her hand wouldn’t release the remote. “It doesn’t matter.”

            Iron Man whispered, “Peter, do you know what that means?”

            “That Squirrel Girl is nutzo. We already knew that. That she has a tail? We knew that as well. That—”

            “—the remote has a symbiotic relationship with her.” Mr. Fantastic finished or helped Spider-Man think.

            Spider-Man nodded. “Right. I should’ve known that.” He jerked his head back toward Mr. Fantastic. “Symbiotic?”

            “Sorry, ladies and gentlemen.” Squirrel Girl calmed down. “I’m feeling universe sick.” She hit a button on the remote, a ball floated in front of everyone.

            “What about the baby?” Iceman asked.

            “Really, Bobby?” Emma Frost glared at him. He shrugged. “Smart move.”

            Squirrel Girl shook her head. “Don’t worry. It was frustration and pressure of the situation. I’m composed. Don’t you worry. I got it under control.” As if a ding happened a smile bounced back on her face.

            Squirrel Girl pointed at the ball. “Remember the same people cannot sit out in back to back challenges. Monkey Joe has seven. That means that Slippy Pete and Tippy Toe have to sit out two each.” She gestured toward those two tribes. “I’ll give you a few minutes to choose and then we begin the challenge.”

            “Hey, what does the winner of this game get?” Human Torch asked.

            “The winner gets an exclusive vacation that’ll take no time at all.” Squirrel Girl sounded as if she practiced that to death.


            “That’s all. More will be revealed as the game progresses. Plus you save babies. Who doesn’t want to save babies?”

            Moments past. Slippy Pete sat out Iron Man and Rogue. Tippy Toe sat out Thing and Invisible Woman.

            Forge said, “Power Ball, ready.”

            The Power Ball hovered over to the three tribes. Each tribe’s members put a hand on the ball that was roughly the size of a basketball and a half. The Power Ball vibrated when it finished and rotated.

            “Power Ball set,” Forge said.

            Power Ball rocketed toward the middle of the triangle court where it hovered about fifteen feet above the ground. In each corner of the court was a goal colored by tribe and above each goal was a score board. All score boards were set at zero. The goals were about a football length and then some apart.

            “Each of you may stand wherever you like within the court. You’re not allowed to touch or harm any of the other players. Your focus is the ball and getting it to your goal.” Squirrel Girl stepped onto her silver disc.

            “The Power Ball is ready when you are,” Forge said.

            Squirrel Girl hit a button. “Thanks Forge.”

            He teleported away.

            Squirrel Girl floated above the court and held the Universe Remote. The tribes sprinkled themselves about. “Are you ready?”

            Everyone said, “Yes.” One ja. One da. One oui.

            “Power Ball go!” Squirrel Girl shouted.

            The silver ball circled the area it floated in waiting for the first hit to tell it where to go.

            Wiccan’s hands crackled with lightning. He shot forth one hand and a bolt cracked across the court, hitting the Power Ball. It moved toward Tippy Toe’s gold goal at a slow snail pace.

            Spider-Man shot a webbing at the Power Ball. The silver ball changed direction toward the Slippy Pete’s orange goal. It picked up a bit of speed.

            Fast enough that when Cyclops tried to hit it with an optic blast he barely clipped it. The Power Ball picked up more speed.

            “I got this.” Human Torch waited near Slippy Pete’s goal and released four fireballs into the air. Three of them missed but the fourth hit sending the Power Ball toward Monkey Joe’s red goal. “Yes!”

            Iceman formed an ice bridge that brought him right in front of Monkey Joe’s goal. He sent out several ice shards. A few hit. The Power Ball changed direction now going so fast it blurred and before anyone knew where it was going, Slippy Pete scored.

            Squirrel Girl shouted out the scores.

Slippy Pete – 1

Tippy Toe – 0

Monkey Joe – 0
            “Power Ball set,” Squirrel said. The Power Ball repositioned itself ready for action. “Go!”

            A charged card from Gambit’s fingers hit the ball. It shot toward Monkey Joe’s goal.

            Storm blasted wind. The silver ball shifted course toward Tippy Toe’s goal.

            Scarlet Witch sent a hex bolt and the Power Ball picked up speed to head toward Tippy Toe’s goal. It didn’t change course.

            “Sorry,” Scarlet Witch huffed. She was trying to get a better position to hit the ball again. “Sometimes they’re unpredictable.”

            Mr. Fantastic sent himself up, expanded his chest and blocked the Power Ball from making it into Tippy Toe’s goal. The ball hit him, stretching out almost reaching the inside the goal for a score, but was pulled back and sent flying at a high velocity toward Slippy Pete’s goal. Mr. Fantastic crumbled to the ground.

            Spider-Man hopped over to him. “Reed, are you okay?”

            “I can’t do that again. Just bruised. I’m fine.” He waved off Spider-Man.

            The Power Ball was seconds from scoring for Slippy Pete.

            Jean Grey wrapped her telekinetic grip around the ball. It released spikes on its side. She grimaced. She pulled. The ball resisted. “Wiccan!”

            Wiccan shot a lightning bolt. The Power Ball shifted directions and headed toward Tippy Toe’s goal.

            Score for Tippy Toe.

            Squirrel Girl shouted out the scores.

            Monkey Joe – 0
            Slippy Pete – 1
            Tippy Toe – 1

            “Looks like Monkey Joe are in for another loss.” Squirrel Girl hovered slightly close to the tribe.

            Thor pointed his hammer toward her. “Ye be careful, rodent.”

            She pointed a clawed finger at him. “You covet my nuts.”

            “Power Ball set.” Squirrel raised her right hand. “GO!”

            Thor threw his hammer as hard as possible. It hit the Power Ball making it crackle a bit under the pressure. It moved toward Monkey Joe’s goal.

            “It doesn’t matter how hard you hit it. Just that you do.” Squirrel Girl moved to outside the triangle. “It’ll move only as fast as it’s programed for each hit.”

            Thor stretched out his hand and caught his hammer. “I am the God of Thunder. Immunity is ours.”

            Wolverine jumped up. Jean Gray threw him. He went toward the ball. A bolt of lightning from Thor hit it. Wolverine covered his eyes, but regained his sight. The ball moved faster toward Monkey Joe’s goal, but Wolverine was in the way. He lifted his right hand, claws out and hit the ball. Electricity shocked him. He shook in mid-air and fell to the ground smoking like an overdone ham. He did what needed to be done. The ball shifted directions at a rapid speed, right toward Tippy Toe’s goal.

            Thor growled.

            Wolverine forced a smirk. “You ain’t winnin’.”

            Domino took aim at the ball. It rocketed and was a few inches from scoring. She fired her gun. The ball moved faster than she thought. She missed. She took aim and fired again.


            It changed directions going right back toward Monkey Joe’s.

            Cyclops’ optic blast missed.

            Spider-Man’s web missed.

            Captain America’s shield missed.

            Wiccan didn’t. The ball shifted and bolted toward Tippy Toe’s. It blurred. No one stopped it.

            Score for Tippy Toe.

            Squirrel Girl shouted out the scores.

            Monkey Joe – 0
            Slippy Pete – 1
            Tippy Toe – 2

            The Power Ball reset.

            Thor hit the ball. It moved toward Monkey Joe’s.

            Iceman lifted Kitty Pryde up. She phased, and the ball went through her, but changed directions toward Slippy Pete’s. Normally her powers would damage electronics. She did no damage to the Power Ball.

            Sliding down the ice pole she winced.

            “You all right?” Iceman ran to her.

            She held up her hand to keep him from getting too close. “Fine. It’s just that hurt more than I thought it would. I don’t know if I could do that again.”

            Mr. Fantastic still suffered from his bout with the ball. Kitty joined him. They were still in the game, just not going to be avid players unless their pain subsided.

            The Power Ball shifted and moved toward Monkey Joe’s after Black Widow dinged it with her widow bite.

            Iceman hit the Power Ball with a beam of ice. It blurred toward Slippy Pete.

            Captain America stood with shield ready for the upset. He waited, watching the ball move toward the wrong goal. He only had one shot. He pulled back his arm holding the shield and then released it. The stars and stripes shield spun in a perfect circle to intercept the Power Ball. It missed. Slippy Pete scored.

            Squirrel Girl said the scores.

Monkey Joe – 0
            Slippy Pete – 2
            Tippy Toe – 2

            “Looks like Monkey Joe is no longer in it.” Squirrel Girl motioned for the Power Ball to set.

            Jamie Madrox hadn’t done anything the entire Immunity Challenge because he couldn’t think of how he could help. He took the seconds they had to rest to mention a plan to his tribe. They had nothing to lose. They broke the impromptu huddle and went to work on his plan.

            The Power Ball hovered ready for someone to hit it.

            Jaime had made several dups. He tried to make sensible ones. Thor took three as quick as possible and tossed them toward the ball. They latched on covering the entire ball. Emma Frost closed her eyes. The dups looked like they were zoning out.

            Cyclops blasted, but only hit the dups. All it did was create another dup and it fell to the ground. Jamie quickly absorbed it and winced.

            The Power Ball moved toward Monkey Joe’s goal, slowly.

            Captain America’s shield hit a dup. Jamie absorbed the fallen new dups. Jean Grey tried to pull them off, but she grew tired from prying. Beast jumped and tried pulling. Didn’t work. Kitty did phase and the ball shifted directions when she touched it, but it only turned back around and went another direction past her. Scarlet Witch finally had enough nerve to try again, but her hex bolts created a problem, the dups grew shells out of their backs.

            Monkey Joe scored.

Monkey Joe – 1
            Slippy Pete – 2
            Tippy Toe – 2

            Squirrel Girl didn’t have any comments. Power Ball set.

            Monkey Joe scored again, the same way.

Monkey Joe – 2
            Slippy Pete – 2
            Tippy Toe – 2

            Power Ball set.

            Monkey Joe scored again, same way.

Monkey Joe – 3
            Slippy Pete – 2
            Tippy Toe – 2

            Power Ball set.

            And again.

Monkey Joe – 4
            Slippy Pete – 2
            Tippy Toe – 2

            Power Ball set.

            Thor tried to toss the dups, but this time Scarlet Witch got a hex bolt in and the dups phased and went straight through the ball and hit the ground unconscious. Jamie absorbed them.

            Wiccan took the chance and fired a bolt of lightning. The ball moved. Scarlet Witch fired another bolt and hit the ball. It shifted toward her goal. Captain’s shield hit it. It shifted again. Cyclops hit it. Shifted. Thor hit it. Shifted at a faster rate. It zoomed toward Monkey Joe’s for the final score. It passed all of Slippy Pete and only Storm and Beast of Tippy Toe had a chance at stopping it.
            The ball blurred.

            Storm closed her eyes and lifted her hand. A white bolt of lightning shot forth and hit the ball and it blurred toward Tippy Toe’s goal and score.

Monkey Joe – 4
            Slippy Pete – 2
            Tippy Toe – 3

            Power Ball set.

            Cyclops create an energy offensive with him, Iceman, Psylocke and Scarlet Witch. No one was able to stop them. Score.

Monkey Joe – 4
            Slippy Pete – 3
            Tippy Toe – 3

            “We can’t let our lead go to waste,” Human Torch said. “We must win. And I know how to do it. It’ll only work once, good thing that’s all we need.” He winked. “Matchstick’s got this.”

            Power Ball set.

            Human Torch sent out five fireballs and they orbited the Power Ball creating a fire shield around it. Every few moments one would hit the Power Ball. It moved toward Monkey Joe’s goal.

            Cyclops’ optic blast broke through the fireballs rapid movement. The Power Ball shifted directions. Until one of the fireballs hit the Power Ball shifting it back toward Monkey Joe’s. It picked up speed.

            Scarlet Witch’s hex bolt made it through the fire shield. It shifted. Faster. A fireball hit it. Shifted. Faster than fast.

            Storm hit it. Shifted. Faster than faster’s fast. A fireball hit it again. Shifted. Faster than the fastest fast of faster.

            Wiccan closed his eyes and whispered something over and over again. He reached up and fired a blast of his magic. The fireballs dispersed and the Power Ball shifted toward Tippy Toe’s goal at blinding speed.

            Domino blew the hair out of her eyes and aimed her gun. The ball inched closer and closer to scoring. She had to do it just right. She waited. The Power Ball picked up speed because Spider-Man got in a lucky last minute hit with his webbing. She fired. The bullet moved toward her target. The Power Ball seemingly slowed down and the bullet it hit.

            The Power Ball shifted directions and rocketed toward Monkey Joe’s goal without a…Cyclops’ wide optic beam knocked the ball sending it in his direction toward Slippy Pete’s goal.

Monkey Joe – 4
            Slippy Pete – 4
            Tippy Toe – 3

            Power Ball set.

            The energy offensive of Slippy Pete was set up and they, again, scored.  They jumped up and down like their feet were on fire. They were figuratively on fire by the amount of wins they had.

            Slippy Pete won.
            Monkey Joe was in second.

            “I’ll be seeing Tippy Toe at their very first Tribal Council.” Squirrel Girl hit a button the Universe Remote. Tippy Toe teleported back to their beach with a few whining comments being cut off. She looked at Slippy Pete. “When you get back to your beach, you’ll have a phone and you can order your pizza, oh and beer. Yes. MMmmMm good.” She hit a button and the Nut Immunity Statue appeared in Cyclops’ hands. “Take care of them. Spit-shine ‘em if you will.” She hit another button and they teleported back to their beach.

            She lowered on her silver disc in front of Monkey Joe. “Well done. You’ve not lost one. If you can keep this up, you might actually look like you care to win.”

            Jamie Madrox shrugged. “As long as one of the heroes wins we all win.”

            “But not everyone can win the most awesome vacation ever.” Squirrel Girl lifted the remote and hit a button. They teleported back to their beach.


            “Good. I don’t want to have to deal with anyone from my own tribe. Especially not that dog spotted Domino.” Deadpool pointed to one of his cheeks. “Right there she slapped me after I said, come here spot. Yeah. I laughed. She had an adverse reaction. I’d shoot a woman, if I wasn’t such a gentleman of the highest caliber. Just wait until she comes here. I’m no longer a gentleman.” He wiggled…something. “My eyebrows. Gross. What were you going to—”

            Anything else?

            “Congrats to Slippy Pete for taking the win away from Monkey Hoe.” He snapped his fingers. “Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Sounds less like a carnival name and more like a,” he held out his hand like he was a waiter holding a plate, the other touching his chest and his head to the side and said with an awkward South American accident, “Carnival name.”

            Nice. It looks like you’re getting along with Vision.

            Vision stood outside the home in the yard where the sun beamed.

            “I didn’t know there was an outside. He found the door. He prefers it. I prefer it. Win/win.”

            Still haven’t asked Squirrel Girl?

            “I asked. She was very agitated like someone stole her nuts, called her girl and made her take hormones because her menopausal state ruined all the fun of everyone around her…especially me.” He pointed at himself. “This works now. Until someone else comes along. Hopefully it’s someone who has a sense of humor.”